Welcome to the Talk Tech Training Department. We are Sara & Chris and, oddly enough, we train on telephone systems...

From how to use your handset, voicemail or computer/telephony widget, to how to manage your system; we have the technical knowledge, skills, experience and legendary patience to embrace all your telecom training needs. And we are jolly lovely too...


We understand that good training is an essential part of any investment in new technology. Why spend good money on kit then not know how to use it? We can ensure training is concise, relevant and effective*, with easy to follow user-guides that will ease you into using your new system.


We won’t bore you with jargon you don’t need to know

We work closely with our project managers and installation engineers, planning the training to ensure any anxiety about having a new bit of kit on your desk is passed on to us. With an effective introduction to a new system we can help reduce user and technical queries and provide easy to follow guides.

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"Why spend good money on kit then not know how to use it?"

Professional and friendly, we can offer a personal service we feel is unsurpassed. As well as our technical knowledge and training skills, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, flexibility, diplomacy and patience. The introduction of a new system can be a stressful time and we do everything we can to ensure the transition is a smooth one.

We tailor the training to suit your needs. Our strength lies in our ability to deliver effective training whatever the situation. Whether we have organised groups in a training room or supporting a receptionist on that first busy morning, we pride ourselves on our flexibility.

"Effective training significantly reduces user and technical queries."

We know the ideal... Groups of staff in a meeting room away from their desks. We also understand everyone is busy and this is not always possible. We will work with you to ensure our training is effective, targeted and professionally delivered so you can quickly feel comfortable with your new tech.

We write our own user guides that cut through the jargon and provide a clear, concise introduction to a new system. These can be rewritten post training to provide a bespoke guide. All part of the service.

"We are smart, friendly, professional and on time."

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