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Talk Tech Provide A Full Range Of Recorded Messages

Did you know that 90 percent of callers often hang up within forty seconds of sitting in silence? Do you blame them? On average, callers will remain on the line for up to four minutes when an on-hold message is present. So, this is your time to shine! Callers who contact you’re interested in acquiring more essential information about your business.


You've their full attention. Maximising this opportunity to inform them about your upcoming specials or products! On hold, clients are your most attentive audience. Ensure the messages they hear can capture their full attention and sell your products or services.


From the local corner retailers to the world's most admired brands, TalkTech offers a broad range of Music and Messages On-hold services for your business of any size and in any industry. Being able to communicate effectively with your current and even potential customers at each opportunity is paramount in an ever rising competitiveness in the market.


Do your present and new customers know all of your products or services?

Do your callers hang-up? Recorded messages offer your business a chance to engage with your clients while you've their full attention.

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"It can be extremely frustrating when on hold with nothing but silence, our recorded message systems give you the opportunity to promote a host of your business capabilites. It's your opportunity to generate new leads and a masterful marketing campaign."

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Things You Can Do With Recorded Messages


  1. Improve your business image
  2. Lower the perceived wait time of your callers
  3. Let them know about promotions or special deals
  4. Inform your clients about hours of operation
  5. Develop sales opportunities
  6. Offer your website information


Create The Best Message For Your Customers

Customize your on-hold message to coincide with new promotions and campaigns or just have background music which sets the correct tone.


Auto Attendant

Our professional auto-attendant messaging services are a simple yet efficient and powerful approach of directing your callers to the right staff member or department.


Answer Machine Message

With the right voiceover and tone on the answer machine, it enables you to dictate how a particular caller perceives your businesses, make them feel imperative when you aren't able to take the call.

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How Often Should You Change Your Recorded Message?

The more targeted and specific your recorded messages are, the more successful and impactful they will be as a marketing tool. Make sure your callers feel cared for. The on-hold message industry demands regular message changes.


If you have a seasonal business or if you hold monthly events, webinars, and shows, you need to ask for pricing on the package of custom on hold messages, to allow frequent updates. Additionally, you may find a plan which allows unlimited changes over the course of a year.


The Benefits Of On-Hold Telephone Marketing


  1. Every call counts - Hang-ups are expensive! Let your callers know that their call is vital; that you are glad to serve them shortly. Statistics reveals that callers wait up to 70 percent longer when they hear interesting information of a product or service.
  2. The power of marketing - Turning hold period into advertising time is one of the greatest business decisions you can make – it is an excellent opportunity to impress, an opportunity to market your business, a chance to guarantee caller’s satisfaction. And a happy client is essential to increased profits.
  3. A positive corporate image - When callers hear a personalized on-hold greeting, they are more likely to believe they have called a proficient operation.

Why Choose Us For Your Recorded Message?

Since 1988 we’ve provided thousands of businesses with the best combination of image-enhancing on hold messages and music services. Our innovative team of national broadcast voice talents, copywriters, and the studio engineers are devoted to your total satisfaction.


On hold, messages can significantly improve how your business is perceived by prospects, customers, and vendors. Too often, putting your callers on hold with a radio or silence can turn them off callers and allow their attention wander as they wait. Hold messages can assist your business to communicate essential information as they wait.


Why not use the TalkTech professional messages and music on-hold service on your business telephone system?

Upgrade your phone system today and communicate with your customer, reduce call hang-ups, and make sure they feel valued even when you cannot take their call immediately.


The TalkTech business telephone message/music on-hold system is available at an affordable price, with no hidden contracts. Why not get in touch with us 0800 298 4400 for more information today?

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