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What is Parent Connect?

TalkTech presents, Parent Connect, an innovative concept, a pioneering product which allows effective communication between an educational institution or a teacher and the parent regarding their respective student. This technology has come at the right time where most of the parents a fully engaged in numerous day-to-day activities. Therefore, Parent Connect offers a perfect means for any schools to engage with the parents in the current, busy world.


Establishing an effective connection via different media and getting all updates about you child, no matter you location, is certainly a supportive and reassuring technology platform. This technology will keep you updated on all activities concerning your loved one.


Parent Connect is a new programme with TalkTech. It enables parents of any school we work with to log in, check essential information of their kid, including attendance, six-week progress reports, class schedule and any other relevant information.


TalkTech Parent Connect is a new innovative application designed to fill up space and create an effective lick between the school and the parents about their children. This ground-breaking software enables daily communications between school or teachers and parents or guardians.


Remember, this is very effective since it offers a proper channel to inform parents in case of emergencies, sick leave, holidays, vacations, absence and even day-to-day activities.


Besides, Parent Connect allows parents to receive calendars, newsletters, and other important event notifications at anytime, anywhere. Secure payments can be made easily and quickly using a smartphone or tablet, and absents notes can be sent as well. Using TalkTech’s Parent Connect, your school staff will love the reduction in mail-outs, printed materials, and telephone calls.

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Parent Connect helps to connect your SIMS database with you Telephone systems, streamlining text messaging and emailing with both students and parents. Our Parent Connect application strengthens the parent-school relationship and is the best tool for emergency contact with the parents.


It is, without any doubt, that there’s a rising consensus and acceptance among educational institutions and parents to adapt to different digital technologies which aids in faster, more effective and better forms of communications between the parents and schools considering the times we’re living in and our fast-paced lives.


Thus, it’s all more prudent and recommended to have a positive outlook towards modern technology and adapt to informative and safe platforms such as our Parent Connect. In the process, you can warrant and amalgamate all-interrelated practices, ideas and notions for streamlining communication between the concerned stakeholders.


On-screen Call Dialling.    System Automation.    Number Prioritisation.

To ensure high efficiency when working, it can also be used by numerous staff members at the same time.

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"Effective collaborations between school and family, thus, will demand that teachers and parents recognize the key benefits of their participation in the life of a student. This mutuality of understanding, empathy, and understanding comes not only with a strong recognition of the need to maintain relationships and roles with kids who’re dynamic, comprehensive and differentiated."

Mike, Surrey

Parent Connect guarantees maximum efficiency, choosing the most appropriate telephone numbers by combining:


Key Features of Parent connect



The functionality of this application is enhanced for major OFSTED areas and the supports always working closely with some other schools in a Federation or as an Academy.


Increase Efficiency

Increase the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of admin staff.


Improve Communication

Boosts your school-parent relationship through a more effective and personal form of communication.


Save Time

Caller preview enables you to prioritise all waiting telephone calls.


Lower Communication Costs

Using Parent Connect’s free inclusive email and SMS functionality removes any existing costs.

Our Parent Connect Application

TalkTech, headquartered in Surrey, UK is a telecommunication company that focuses on product development and good service delivery in the areas of Learning, Education and Knowledge enhancement and Business telephone system.


We’ve managed to synchronize successfully and coordinate current methodologies in the business, education and healthcare sector with current advancements in the digital technological era with the key focus on all future high-tech progressions and innovations.


With the assistance of modern software technologies and knowhow, our intuitive application, Parent Connect is the best solution when it comes to achieving your involvement and awareness in the school-based activities and education of your child.

The combined features, services and benefits provided by this discerning and intuitive software product is one which not only abridges and simplify the communication between the selected stakeholders but also keeps us reckoning in future.


Our ground-breaking product has assisted in breaking communication barriers, eliminating any form of lacuna permanently and filling void or gaps in the communication channel from students and parents to the school and vice versa.


The list of Parent Connect’s clientele is only getting better and better ever since we launched our product. Currently, we’re working with more than 60 schools and still counting.

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