Introducing Gamma Horizon, the complete hosted telephony system available for as little as 50p per day.

Gamma's Horizon is a comprehensive communications service which offers a broad range of mobile and fixed telephone capabilities through an easy-to-use and efficient web portal. The service enables you as the administrator of the company to manage your environment efficiently while allowing your staff to maximize their productivity.

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"If you don't have a private business exchange (PBX) in your business premises then Gamma Horizon hosted telephony through an IP connection would be perfect for you and your business. Gamma's Horizon is is available for small, medium or large businesses in the UK and really comes into its own if you have multiple sites combining as one. It has the capability of delivering communication to hundreds of employees throughout the world.

Anyone who has worked in any IT section knows how it can be hectic and time consuming. Well, Horizon has made all these easier by enabling administrators to quickly organize the system basing on emerging institutional needs while still ensuring your staff manage calls effectively. Offering affordable packages, Horizon is seeking to help transform the manner in which your company approaches telephony and communications towards achieving organizational goals. Whether you run a small sized enterprise or a large business outlet, Horizon’s jargon free approach will surely be important. Here are some significant benefits ad advantages that your company stands to enjoy with Horizons communication services. Below are a selection of handsets available with Gamma Horizon which includes the

Cisco 504, Polycom VVX411 and the Cisco SPA 302D (Cordless Handset).

Let's outline a few of the tremendous benefits of Gamma Horizon telephone system

Easy to control features

When you opt for Horizon as your lead communications contractor, be sure of getting complete control over the whole phone system. You can therefore alter control settings and enjoy the wide range of call management and handling features. The most exciting about the whole service is the ease of using the customer interface. No administrator needs evening-class kind of training to understand how to navigate the portal.


Integrated call number

There has never been as empowering to employees as an integrated and fixed mobile service platform. With Horizon, your customers and employees will always respond to inquiries real-time without having to use different call numbers. With the one call-one number feature by Horizon, your callers will easily reach you whether via a desk phone or mobile phone. Your calls can thus be easily directed to your mobile phone when not at the office eliminating the need to hang up. It is even better as a single voicemail box will be made easy to access from any of your device.


No hidden Costs

If it’s not your first time looking for such service, then perhaps you now of service providers that charge you a fixed initial cost and then reveal other requirements that will still need to be budgeted for later. At Horizon, a customer pays depending on needs on a fair per-seat basis. You won’t be buying any major hardware that necessitates high costs.

Enjoy lower call costs

Mobile call services has never be easier a cheaper like this before. Horizon understands the need to maximize profit margins in business and thus no need let communication cost more. You stand to enjoy free site-to-site calls and generally cheaper call rates at any time. It is even more exciting as you get free calls between your mobile phone and fixed numbers.


Enhances flexibility

Horizon prides itself in enabling staff to work on a flexible basis by enhancing home working, hot-desking and eve extending call services to mobile devices. You can thus expect a lively and more productive staff than before.


Ultimate control on call numbers

Horizon lets you to freely choose desired call numbers. It is thus upon you to choose new numbers or retain the current ones. This will enable you to extend the reach of your business enabling, for instance, Leeds number to be used in London.


Perfect Continuity solution

The need to maintain a smooth working staff even in transition is common in many institutions. Horizon communications enables you to get smoothly continue business activities even with unexpected events such as strikes, snows and even floods. Your Employees can continues carrying out company activities even when faced with physical obstacles.

The unique things about Horizon Hosted Telephony

There are so many aspects that makes Horizon communication providers stand out from the rest.
Here are some features that isolate their services.

Serves desktop, premium handsets and even mobiles.

The unique and high end provision of inter-operability is what has led to Horizons reliability in this sector. It has useful mobile and desktop clients but also works well with premium handsets from a wide range of manufacturers.


Horizon by gamma handsets and mobile smartphone
Horizon driendly user interface


User friendly Interface

It's provision of user friendly features on its online portal has led to increased loyalty from a large number of customers. Horizon has an amazing software development team who work to guarantee unique and positive user experience for better productivity.

Reliable Gamma IP Network

It is with pride that Horizon stands out as leader in offering secure and reliable network. It is thus easier to easily transfer your mobile numbers to the reliable Horizon platform.

Broadsoft call controller

Horizon prides itself in supporting millions of customers worldwide with incorporation of the world leading call controller; Broadsoft. You can than access a broader feature set that will enhance unified communication experience.

Reliable Gamma network throughout the UK



"The service has numerous clever features and an emphasis on administration and control through the web which removes the burden from your IT team. For the administrators, you can configure the system quickly depending on changing requirements of your organizations, while your staff can manage telephone calls efficiently and easily.


With only a small capital outlay need, a proven and reliable service and a jargon-free approach to communications and telephony, Horizon suits any size business looking to enhance its image and productivity."

How Horizons hosted system works

User firednly Horizon phone interface
Horizon Gamma user interface for call recording

User friendly interface

You will get a access to a wide range of call handling features that are easy to use online. Ideally, the dashboard enables you to view features such as voicemail, call history and recorded calls. You can then easily access personalized settings on this platform.

Call recording

This feature enables you to record outbound and inbound calls for better compliance and customer service. It also makes it easier to access the recorded calls easily online.

Administrator Gamma interface for anyone to use
Auto attendant user interface for Gamma Horizon

Administrator interface

Horizon enhances the ability of your IT department while at the same time giving employees effective control over calls with this feature. It is easy and quick to set up individual user features too.

Auto Attendant

This feature enables the user to route calls for different areas thus making it all easier to announce meetings or inform employees of changes in schedules.

Who is Horizons target?

Horizons targets any business be it small, medium or large that is need of a better communication platform. The system can handle a large number of employees keeping call records perfectly. Here are descriptions of businesses that Horizon targets:

Horizon Gamma icon for dynamic phone features

Dynamic businesses in need of versatility

This features businesses such as marketing and traveling agencies whose employees are always moving from here and there. Provided call features will make it easier to access organization calls easily from anywhere.

Horizon Gamma has full backups in case of disasters

Those in need of continuity

Any organizations that values call backup will appreciated communication series offered by Horizon in case of disasters such as floods or building fires.

Horizon Gamma is suitable for nuemrous site branches

Multi sites

Businesses with numerous branches will find Horizon very useful as you don’t need different communication platforms everywhere. Horizon centralizes everything for you.

Horizon Gamma makes contact far easier wherever you are

Those that seek to improve customer contact

Horizon makes it easier for customers to contact you while enabling put calls on hold for response confirmation to give reliable information.

Horizon Gamma has no hidden charges at all

Organizations that Outsource and Opex

With Horizon, you only pay for what you use and no hidden charges or maintenance costs.

Horizon Gamma tracks all calls making it easy to configure

Training and monitoring

Horizon has made it easier to record calls by its centralized feature ensuring that details of calls can be easily configured by a mouse click.

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