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Call Recording for your telephone system

Several small businesses are always looking for cost-effective ways to better understand the specific needs of their clients. They compare results and review analytics to identify any performance gaps and where they’re lacking. While customer satisfaction ratings and sales numbers are key performance indicators to consider, it’s also essential to constantly monitor your client-facing staff in action.


Each call that comes into your business is very vital. In the current market, when clients have so much purchasing options and the competition is fierce, then how your small business handles client’s calls can be a great difference between receiving and retaining the business of a caller, or losing them to one of your rivals.


In this setting, monitoring how effectively your staff handle your callers is important. The best way of carrying out this is by using call recording.


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"Many organisations find it incredibly useful to record calls, whether it’s for:

Legal Compliance, Staff Training and Quality Assurance, Dispute Resolution
and Abuse Management, Increased Sales Performance."

Call recording enables you to analyse the telephone handling skills of your staff. Listening to those calls frequently allows you develop a good picture of how client interactions occur. So, here are some of the benefits of call recording for small business?


  1. Processes: You can use a quality call recording to assist you to review your processes. If your existing call handling processes are not working – change them and utilize the recordings to obtain good results.
  2. Staff Development: Call recordings can also be used for the development of staff. Once you determine what a good or bad phone call for your business sounds like, you can use them to demonstrate this to your employees.
  3. Client Service: It’s said that a single happy client can recommend five new ones to your business, but one unhappy client could easily spread their own opinion to hundreds of individuals, especially via social media sites and on-line reviews.
  4. Using a reliable call recording, you are able to track how your clients are treated and even how their grievances are handled. That essential information can be utilized to enhance your customer service. Turn unhappy clients into happy ones.
  5. Sales Enquiries: If you’ve a huge number of incoming phone enquiries that aren’t being translated into sales or appointments, call recording will assist you to find out why.
  6. Seasonal Promotions: Is your client team promoting your seasonal promotions or special offers to callers on the phone? Call recording allows you monitor that.
  7. Lead Generation: If your sales members make numerous outbound prospecting calls, you can know the quality (or lack of it) of the leads they’re producing.
  8. Dispute Resolution: Call recording can also be used as a key aid to dispute resolution. You can find out what was agreed and even use the crucial information so resolve any issue.


You’ll also be able to know how your staff handled angry callers and whether they require extra training to assist them to cope with tough situations.


Generally, call recording can significantly benefit your business in numerous ways: dispute resolution, for quality and training, and for compliance purposes as well. With a proper solution, you can easily transform your business.

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Why You Should Choose Our Call Recording Services

TalkTech is one of the leading developers of call recording, reporting, and monitoring applications. Founded in 1988, we provide solutions for businesses of all sizes– from small and medium – to large-sized organizations with numerous locations.


Our software assist business in a vast variety of industries – including collection agencies and law firms, call centers, financial institutions, healthcare clinics/medical providers, insurance agencies, educational institutions, assisted living/retirement facilities, hospitality, government, and real estate – to lower overhead costs and boost their client service efforts by recording calls which can be played back, retrieved easily, and shared throughout the organization.


Compatible with almost all leading phone communications systems, TalkTech solutions can be used with the digital, IP and hybrid telephone systems and deployed in a single or large multi-location settings.


TalkTech Panasonic Call Recording and BT Call Monitoring and Reporting applications assist businesses in facilitating dispute resolution, enhance client satisfaction, boost regulatory compliance and affect their bottom lines with tangible and quick ROIs.


Therefore, call recording has become an important part of several business models because of a variety of factors, including training, quality monitoring, regulations, compliance, proof of call, security, liability recording, and much more. This need has become equally essential for not only large businesses but also for small and medium businesses, who face stiff competition in the current marketplace.


We understand that each business has distinct requirements and needs. Therefore, there’s no one application which suits the bill for all of our clients. So, we’ve established a variety of the call recording, monitoring, and reporting for businesses of all sizes; whether they’ve recording on the trunks or at an extension level; Analogue CO trunks or T1/PRI; digital, analogue or the IP extensions.

What's included in our call recording

TalkTech partner with various providers to integrate call reporting and recording solutions within our internal systems. Moreover, our Hosted solutions include recording as standard.


Our call recording systems offer comprehensive reports and feedback through a flexible and easy-to-use interface.


On top of the obvious benefits, our call recording solutions offer CRM/Database integration that enables your employees to log calls against a particular client record. This exceptional application can offer excellent insight for sales and client team looking to understand their customers better.


There are several reasons you may be requiring a call recording service. Government regulations may be in effect; internal policies may have changed within a particular company, or you may be looking to raise the bottom line.


TalkTech’s call recording software and systems are designed to assist you quickly and easily begin to record your calls. Several organisations find it extremely useful to record phone calls, whether it is for:


  1. Staff Training &Quality Assurance.
  2. Legal Compliance.
  3. Increased Sales Performance.
  4. Dispute Resolution & Abuse Management.


For more information call our UK-based sales team at

0800 298 4400!

"Just a note to thank you and your team for a well installed system - we have some teething problems, but the way the 4 of you worked together along with our in-house team was just a pleasure to see. We have got through the first day with very little issues. Fantastic and appreciated. I can see the benefits already that the system will bring,  we just need to educate our team accordingly. Again thanks and appreciated."

MD – Palmerston Accounts & Business Consultants

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