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Call Integration - Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Whilst we can of course provide any part of your communications system, TalkTech’s greatest strength is our ability to deliver a fully integrated communication solution.


By setting up your computer, telephone and mobile systems to work together, you can take full advantage of the huge business benefits:


• Dial straight from your computers

• Record & log calls to your customer database

• Support remote working, both at home and out in the field

• Forward incoming calls based upon time, international location etc.


Not only does this integration ensure a seamless experience for both your staff and your customers, you’ll also enjoy a hugely simplified support network – any communication issues you experience, from broadband to mobile, can now be resolved simply by contacting TalkTech.


Today, customer support agents of many businesses are always trying to arm themselves with the necessary tools which can assist them meet the individual needs of their clients better since consumer expectation for service increase. One of the most essential tool that many call agents require in their combat to win the trust of their clients is the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). CTI is a very vital technology which facilitate efficient call integration. It allows business computer systems to interact with your telephones and several other systems of communication (web messaging, text messaging, email, live chat, live chat).


Many advanced call centers or businesses leverage communication software with efficient CTI functionality. In fact, it has assisted these businesses gain enormous trust in their own industry since it allows them to take full advantage of a more data-driven technique while assisting their clients.


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Call integration can made possible by setting up your mobile, telephone and computer systems to work together. Therefore, you can maximise significant benefits:

1. Better Collaboration For Improved Services

Call integration is very essential for the following call center software functions which facilitate crucial collaboration within a call center: whisper coaching, voice and video call conferencing, call barging etc.


Your customer support agents who can access are more likely to seek assistance when necessary; therefore, strengthening interdepartmental collaboration. More interestingly, they can easily add a colleague or a manager to the call to assist resolve difficult problems instead of transferring the call.


If it is necessary to transfer the call, they can prepare a colleague or the manager about the issue of the caller before transferring it. With real-time data updates and CTI, the next agent will have the information of a caller in their computer before they answer a phone call.


Therefore, it will get rid of the stress associated with the caller being asked the same information every time they’re transferred. The essential tools facilitate collaboration, improve agent capability and lower client’s frustration.


2. Make And Receive From Computer

Agents are able to receive and even make telephone calls direct from a computer. You don’t require any phones with CTI. Your customer support agents can easily make or receive telephone calls from a computer with only a click of a mouse.


Moreover, using call control in a browser (i.e. hang up, answer, hold, transfer, mute), Your agents do not need to go back and forth between their desk phone and call center software repeatedly when handling client’s calls.


They’ve cutting-edge call-control functionality where it belongs-alongside the crucial information which is fuelling their current conversation with a caller.


3. Automatic Authentication

CTI technology assists to authenticate a caller by comparing telephone number they called from current information in the integrated business tools and database of the company.


This saves a considerable amount of time and removes one of the largest pet peeves of the clients today-having to search their account information and personal information repeatedly so your agent can easily find their account.


4. Accurate Identification Of Client Information

The agents know precisely who’s calling before they answer their call. With an automated screen pop, your call agents gets an opportunity to view in-depth information about a specific caller such as their name, company, phone number, dialled number, position within the company etc.) in their own computer automatically as the call is being routed.


This will enable them to have all the relevant information of the caller ready to assist him or her. In addition, your agents will always greet your clients professionally by their name.


Thus, this significantly lowers handling time since your agents do not have to search through several business tools and databases to obtain the information of the caller.


5. Effective Monitoring System

Call integration offers an effective way of monitoring department, an agent and the call center performance. Computer Telephony Integration allows for call recording, historical and real-time reporting, and call monitoring so that managers can get further understanding the performance of the team and come up with data-driven ideas appropriately.


Once call center manager have acquired this essential data, they can create a more effective employees and also make proper decisions. And it trickles down to the clients and eventually established higher client satisfaction rating.


It is never easy to gain and even maintain a competitive advantage in the current business environment. Therefore, leveraging call integration services with the CTI technology is a step in the right direction. Your company, agents and clients will significantly benefit as a result.


Although we can offer any part of your business communications systems, TalkTech’s ultimate strength is our capacity to provide a holistic communication solution.


This integration not only guarantees a seamless experience for your clients and your staff, but you will also enjoy a very simplified support network such that any communications problems you experience in your company, whether broadband or mobile, can now be resolved by just contacting TalkTech.

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