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BT Openreach in partnership with TalkTech

In partnership with BT Openreach

Line rental in partnership with BT Openreach

TalkTech partner with BT Openreach to provide you one point of contact. As well as the business telephone system, we also manage the Line Rental and the traffic over that particular Line Rental, meaning you will only ever require one company to manage any activities. We provide a single bill solution to lower your management costs.


TalkTech will manage the on-going support and provisioning of your network services, including the technical support. We use remote diagnostics to identify any problems i.e. with the British Telecom network or with the onsite equipment. Line rental is one of the crucial things you need to consider when signing a broadband contract since they always come hand in hand.


There are two major components to your monthly landline telephone bill:

  1. Call charges
  2. Line rental


The line rental charge is the fee paid to a landline provider for the provision of your business phone line services. You will always pay a line rental fee just for the benefit of a landline telephone being connected to your business in Sutton, Wimbledon, or even Kingston, Surrey. The cheapest deals will lower the cost of this share of your telephone bill. They can be beneficial if you use your business landline occasionally, and your call charges are low.


Call charges, the other key component which makes up your telephone bill, are a variable cost and based on the amount of calls which you make, the time of day you make them and whether you’re making international, national or local calls.

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"With TalkTech line rental there is no setup cost and you can also keep your existing telephone number."

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Keep your existing phone number with SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks allow you to make calls over the internet.  You can port your existing numbers to an SIP Trunk - giving you the ultimate flexibility of delivering any number to any location, whilst protecting you from fraudulent use.


Call Charging

At TalkTech, we only partner with the major carriers once they’ve proven they can deliver the highest quality service.


By working with these companies - such as Opal and Verizon - you ‘ll not only make substantial savings (when compared to BT’s standard pricing), but you’ll also benefit from:


  • No set up cost
  • Keep your existing BT phone number



Additional extras for your phone system available:

Extension Billing: Available on most of our telephone systems, Extension Billing identifies which extension has made each call, giving you complete visibility of how your system is being used.


Call Guardian: Call Guardian allows you to pre-define general usage criteria (e.g. max cost per call, calls during office hours, etc) - as soon as a call falls outside of your specified criteria, you’ll be notified by email.


For additional features, and information about how Lease Cost Routing will benefit your business, please give us a call on our freephone number above.



"You have a top man and I am very grateful to him for the training on the programming tool, which was exactly what I needed."

IT manager - Feme

How To Find A Perfect A Business Line Rental Deal

When you compare various line rental deals, it’s essential to consider both the call charges and the cost of the line rental.


Keep in mind that the cheapest telephone line rental deal may come with greater 'per minute' call charges, and therefore, it may cost you more (overall) if you use your landline regularly. Some line rental deals include inclusive calls as well.


For instance, it isn’t unusual for a telephone provider to provide a cheap phone package which also provides unlimited weekend and evening calls. You may pay a bit higher monthly fee for this, but it may provide better value to you than paying separate line rental and call charges.


Look at phone bills of a few months and find out when you use your landline telephone most often. Then just find the cheapest phone package which suits - for instance one that includes free weekend and evening calls if that is when you use your telephone most.


Always compare line rental deals in to determine whether your monthly charges includes the line rental only, or a call package is also included.


When looking for a perfect a business line rental deal, you should also determine how long you’re committed to the telephone provider. Many companies ask you to sign a 12-month contract that’ll eventually tie you to their own services for this period.

Why Choose Us For Your Business Line Rental

If you are looking for a perfect deal on your business phone, finding a company which provides cheap phone line rental is very essential.


Line rental is one of the major components of your monthly fee to your landline provider and lowering the cost can assist you to save cash. But, what are cheap line rental deals? And how do you find the cheapest line rental deal?


As a business, you are likely approached often about your business line rental and the offer of affordable calls. It can often be a bewildering and confusing subject especially when that particular approach comes from new companies you may haven’t heard of.


Undeniably, there are actual savings to be made with the availability of line rental packages and call price plans, but choosing a perfect supplier is important.


You Can Trust TalkTech For Your Business Call Plans And Line Rental

TalkTech is a long established provider of business call plans, line rental, and telecommunications systems. We’ll take our time to examine your present bills and actually get to know your business so we can create the correct line rental plan and call price packages for you.

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Moving your business calls and lines to TalkTech is simple

There are no monthly charges, no setup fees and transfer of your business line rental can be entirely trouble free! On top of savings on your business calls, you can also save cash by switching your line rental provider.


You’ll benefit from a single bill for line rental and calls and a single point of contact should you’ve any queries. In case of any problems with your telephones lines you can speak direct to a member of our devoted team who’ll assist to diagnose an error and we’ll contact BT on your behalf if needed.


Some TalkTech clients opt to have their full telecommunications set up with us offering a single point of contact for all their business telecommunications needs, so this could be a perfect time to review your current equipment as well.


Call 0800 298 4400 to discuss how we can help lower your business call and line rental charges.

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