Assured Broadband

Converged Broadband

Assured broadband is a specialist business broadband product offering all end-to-end IP telephony elements. This product is designed to support IP telephony services. The product comes with options such as:


  • Up to 15 G.729 calls simultaneously
  • A provision for a high-quality Cisco router with zero upfront fees for long term contracts
  • Additional IP addresses. (The standard is; 1 free static IP)

How Talktech ensures quality

We have conceived and engineered a network that is perfect for business users. Your business-critical and time-critical applications are always prioritised at peak times ensuring quality throughout. Quality is assured by:


  • Proactive call analysis and testing for all services and platforms
  • Extensive monitoring of every element and metric in the call path (both TDM & IP) including, but not limited to; MOS (Mean Option Score), Network Efficiency Ratio (NER), Post Dial Delay (PDD), PESQ (Perceptual Analysis of Speech Quality), ASR (Answer to Seize Ratio) Packet Loss, Trunk & Circuit Occupancy, Call Closure & Error codes (for C7 & SIP signaling), uptime and trends, Jitter and Latency
  • External and internal report review including customer feedback through support desks
  • Timely and appropriate alerts for potential issues and hot spots to our 24/7 Network Operations Centre
  • A strict change control & release management process that is aligned with suppliers as well as carrier partners to prevent quality or service related issues
  • Oversight via a quality steering group meeting held monthly and chaired by our C.E.O. The oversight meeting includes input from; capacity management, regular platform service reviews, information security & business continuity forums

Talktech assured broadband is combined with internet access using one circuit. Converged Broadband is supported by a strict SLA. It comes with the following options:


  • Fibre/ADSL2 broadband
  • A provision for a high-quality router with zero upfront fees for long term contracts
  • Additional IP addresses. (The standard is; 1 free static IP)

What are the benefits of choosing a provider offering business broadband only?

First and foremost, you will be surprised to learn that business broadband only accounts for a small fraction of the total number of broadband users. Broadband providers tend to focus more on the kind of clientele they have. When a broadband provider has a large number of residential users, those users become the primary focus.

What is the quality like?

We have invested millions of pounds to have a national geographically resilient next-generation network that has been designed expressly for business users. The quality is therefore reassuring. Our network is perfect for businesses focused on prioritising business-critical and time-critical applications throughout while being backed up by stringent service level agreements.

Is your support staff located in the UK?

When you choose us, expect faults occasionally, and when they occur, we are always there 24/7 to assist. The last thing you want is to have the company supporting your broadband beyond reach. We are based in the UK, and we have a well trained, experienced and dedicated team that understands the importance of resolving issues fast and effectively. You can reach our support team in the first attempt 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.

Can we move our existing broadband circuits to Talktech easily?

Absolutely! We are experts in managing small-scale as well as large-scale migrations. We have helped countless customers move fast and easy. We work closely with all our clients through every step of the migration process.


With faster broadband speeds more widely available, business owners know when they are not getting good service whether it is the broadband speeds or level of support when issues arise. So, if you are not satisfied with your current provider, you are more than welcome to join us. Our services and speed are unmatched!

What time should we move broadband circuits?

Considering Broadband is a crucial utility service necessary for both internal and external communications, you should switch from poor service immediately. If you dread suffering as a result of poor service, you should move as soon as possible. When you choose Talktech, you have the opportunity to get back the time you wasted subscribing to poor services.

Will we enjoy any savings?

As we supply you with unmatched data, voice and mobile services, you will be in a position to reduce supply chain overheads and enjoy the benefits of having a single supplier, one point of contact and one bill.

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