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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) for your call centre

In the current competitive business environment, a well-managed and efficient call centre can be an essential tool. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a technology which enables call centres to distribute emails, inbound calls, social media messages and SMS to agents according to agent skill set and client’s needs.


Rather than just sending business inbound requests to an agent available at that moment, ACD systems classify messages and calls and the check the entire system automatically to find an agent who has the most experience and relevant skills to assist the client. Therefore, ACD is a perfect choice for any customer support service.


Basically, Automatic Call Distribution system is used especially when there are high volumes of messages and calls which need complex routing rules to find the most suitable agent to handle every call.


In other words, inbound calls are combined into one queue and are eventually distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis to an agent who has been inactive for the longest period. This offers your call center agents with the equal workload and offers your clients or callers with the best service. Besides, you are able to set the right parameters to overflow telephone calls to a different group of agents, should the calls volume surpasses the amount your call center can handle within a specific period.

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Flexible call routing with TalkTech call centre telephone systems

Direct incoming calls

Clever call announcements with our ACD group functions for phone call centres

Intelligent call waiting

Collect data about your callers to be sepcific with offers and promotions

Collect data

High priority callers go to front of queue with our applications built into your phone system

High priority callers

Callers go into multiple queues within your phone system depending on the service they require

Multiple queues

Flexible Call Routing

Route incoming calls based on caller ID, DDI number dialled, balanced call count, preferred agent treatment, agent priority, or make it dependent on time-of-day, day-of-week or (with Call Router) day-of-year, providing maximum flexibility.


Intelligent Queue Announcements

If all your agents are busy, calls to an ACD group are queued for the first available agent.  While waiting, callers are encouraged to remain on hold using music or recorded announcements – the latter allows you to provide valuable information while they’re waiting.


Interactive Call Announcements

When a customer calls into the organisation, you have the opportunity to collect important information before the call is put through. Eg. Account Details. This saves both the customer and agent time, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Priority Queuing

ACD calls can be tagged with a priority number before they are placed into the ACD group queue, allowing you to focus on answering higher-priority calls first.


Multiple Call Queues

You can set up multiple queues for different services or sales promotions, each with an individual announcement. Handling callers more efficiently and personally improves customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to increased loyalty and revenue.


Real-time reporting

Historical and real-time reporting features offer your supervisors with the crucial information they require to make the correct adjustments in the distribution of messages and calls quickly to boost the level of service to the client. This function is available through the use of MIS software package (Navigator).


Reasonably, your clients expect you to answer their calls quickly, and with minimum fuss; they don’t expect to be held in a very long queue, or passed from one department to another before their issue is solved. ACD application helps to automate much of the process, guaranteeing excellent customer experience, and allowing activities of your employees to be managed effectively.

Applications tailored to your needs

The support team within TalkTech offers consultation services. We will work carefully with you to find out if ACD application would benefit your business or organization, and guide you to choose a system which is compatible with your telecommunications equipment and one that suits your needs.


Toshiba’s variety of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) apps puts your agents within easy reach of nearly any organization or business, enabling you to serve your clients with high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

"Just wanted to record how pleasant and helpful your engineer has been over the last couple of days on the job that we had – please ensure you always send him in here!"

Further features of our Automatic Call Distribution phone system software


Overflow capacity

You have an opportunity to set ideal parameters to transfer the call to the next group of agents in case others are unable to answer the telephone call quickly. Overflow can be triggered by either the duration in the queue or the number of phone calls.


Skill set calls distribution

It allows your system to send a specific call to an agent with high experience in the subject matter. Also, it sends a call to another agent with a similar skill set if the designated agent isn’t available.


Call accounting

This application counts the telephone calls as they enter the queue. These offer detailed and accurate information to your supervisor regarding the number of calls that enters a specific group of agents at every 30 minutes increment of the day. In business, call accounting is an essential in predicting the number of calls which will be received and even planning your employment needs.


Delayed call reporting

The system offers historical and real-time data on the length of time your callers can wait in the queue before they reach an agent. This information is vital when trying to offer a consistent service level expected by your clients.


Quality assurance monitoring

Many ACD systems have to capacity to allow your supervisor to listen to an ongoing telephone conversation or listen and tape an ongoing conversation. Both techniques are effective in assisting your agents to boost their skills of telephone etiquette, and assisting your supervisor in identifying various training needs.


Lost call reporting

The system provides historical and real-time reporting on the number of the caller who hang up before they reach the agent, and the duration they waited before hanging up. It will allow you supervisor to understand the level of tolerance of a caller, and come up with any adjustments call flow or staffing to meet the expectations of your callers.


Detailed reporting on group performance

The number of calls answered, the number of calls made, the number of lost calls and the number of calls overflowed to other group are all essential pieces of data in determining if the performance of a particular group of agents is sufficient. This information assists your supervisor to determine training and staffing needs.


Our skills-based ACD application quickly and easily matches the callers in your queue to agents that can assist them best. That ensures happy clients, efficient call resolution and reduced cost for your multi-channel call center.

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