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Are you looking for ways to boost efficiencies within your business, lower costs or suppliers, then take a look at some of the business benefits of shifting to Vodafone's One Net Business – managed by the Vodafone Solutions Expert – Fusion Mobile.


Vodafone Group is a British international telecommunications firm, with the headquarters in London, UK. Among different mobile operator groups worldwide, Vodafone ranked 2nd (behind the China Mobile) in the number of connections (about 400 million) as of 2014 and 5th by revenue.


Vodafone evolution began in 1982 with the formation of the Racal Strategic Radio Ltd, the largest manufacturer of military radio technology in the UK that formed a joint venture with the Millicom known as 'Racal' that evolved into the current Vodafone.


Vodafone company owns and runs networks in 26 nations and has different partner networks in more than fifty additional nations. The Global Enterprise of Vodafone division provides IT and telecommunications services to corporate customers in 150 nations.


What Is One Net Business?

With the world of telecommunications and IT becoming more and more integrated, your business can now benefit from having one significant solution for your business landlines, mobiles, internet connectivity and telephone system. The Cloud solution that brings all this together is the One Net Business.


One Net Business integrates your business mobiles and landlines, so wherever your employees are working, they’ll never miss any business call again.


One Net Business solution is the first cloud-based service in the UK to deliver mobile, landline and even desktop communications all in a single system. Everything is a single on the platform, offering a wealth of extra benefits and features.

Why Choose One Net Business


1. Secure and monitored

One Net Business is an entirely secure business phone system hosted on the core IP-based network, with the connections which are dedicated for voice. All of this is monitored 24/7 and managed end-to-end.


2. Simple and Affordable

You can save money and time spent dealing with numerous suppliers, across numerous products. With One Net Business, TalkTech can offer a single contract and a single bill for all your mobile and fixed phone services, and no call forwarding charges.


3. Disaster Proofing and Extra resiliency

The only benefit of using a PBX on-site system is that you can see it physically, but Vodafone One Net Business enables you to manage your business telephone systems through a web-browser.

With Vodafone One Net Business, you’ll still own on-site equipment since Vodafone will offer you with a Switch and a Router to manage call traffic. A significant benefit of Vodafone's One Net Business is that all essential items are held in the cloud thus, offering your business with disaster proofing and extra resiliency.


Since the One Net Business system is hosted in the Vodafone network, it has failover services and quadruple redundancy, any problem at your premises does not affect this phone service. Vodafone had 100 percent uptime.

4. Change Of Business Location

With Vodafone One Net Business, it’s very easy to transfer each phone call from a single office location to another or have your mobile calls answered in the office.


Nonetheless, with standard on-site based telephone, those calls will just fail, and you risk losing clients if there’s a problem with your connectivity.


Hosted telephone like One Net Business is a vital help if you plan to move your business to new locations. If you are planning to keep all original office numbers, you can; if you can add new numbers as well.


Vodafone can utilize their main App Server to point the old numbers to a new location, and then you’ll be up and running again. Simple, efficient, and effective procedure.


Vodafone One Net Business is an incredibly flexible business phone service which can be created in a number of ways to meet the needs of your business for mobile and fixed telecommunications. Our specialists are in offering One Net to Wimbledon and Kingston, Surrey Businesses.



  • Single voicemail: integrates mobile and fixed voicemail.
  • Fixed & mobile IP devices: it works for a variety of user types; mobile, desk based, and staff with both a mobile and a desk phone.
  • Operator console: assisting you to manage your phone calls with the real-time monitoring over series of calls.
  • Hunt groups allow several employees (up to twenty) to be contacted on a single landline number.
  • Auto attendant: allow your clients to pick their relevant department.
  • Call forwarding: set various rules for calls forwarding, that is,if they aren’t answered after forty seconds.
  • Call waiting is enabled for mobile and fixed line
  • Call pick up: allow employees to pick each other’s calls and enables you select what device to receive your call on
  • Call queuing: clients can opt to ignore the call and go to a voicemail or even another department. You can also allow specific clients to jump the phone call queue.
  • Call conferencing: available for fixed line and the mobile.
  • Caller line identity: choose the number to display.

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