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The business world is becoming more and more complex. You need to manage operational costs, stretch the limits of your network, and improves the security of your business – all while implementing new techniques of operation.


If you’re looking for a high-quality business broadband and telephone service, Virgin Media Business should be your priority. Providing Internet speeds from 50-300Mbps, along with the 24-hour support and all-inclusive phone package, you cannot go wrong.


Virgin Media is a popular British company that offers fixed and mobile phone, broadband internet and television services to various consumers and businesses in the UK. Its headquarters is in Hook, UK.


The company has been a vital subsidiary of the Liberty Global, a multinational telecommunications, and television company with its headquarter in London, since June 2013.


Virgin Media formerly had a primary listing on NASDAQ Stock Market and was an essential constituent of NASDAQ-100 index. Also, it had a secondary listing on London Stock Exchange.


Virgin Media was established in March 2006 by a merger of Telewest and NTL that developed NTL: Telewest. In July 2006, the company bought Virgin Mobile UK, establishing the first ;quadruple-play’ media company in the UK, offering internet, television, fixed-line telephone and mobile phone services.


In Nov 2006 the company signed a significant deal with Sir Richard Branson to license Virgin brand for a joint business. All of the consumer services of the company were rebranded under Virgin Media name in Feb 2007.


Virgin Media owns and runs its own fibre-optic cable network in the UK, though now their optical fibre network doesn’t reach the client homes but rather the street cabinet.


Virgin Media provides reliable, fast and flexible internet services for businesses no matter the size. Below are some of the benefits of using Virgin Media Business broadband and phone:

1. Speed and usage

Virgin Media provides a download speed of up to 300Mbps that’s ample for small-sized to medium-sized businesses. With this kind of speed, you can connect numerous computers or devices to the Wi-Fi network.


This is good for heavy use including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services such as Skype and file sharing. Nonetheless, when it comes to companies, the upload speeds are just as essential as download speeds. This package often comes with the upload speed of up to 5Mbps. That is very sufficient to upload a 40MB file in one minute.


Remember that it is very rare that you’ll get the exact advertised speed. But, you’re likely to acquire very close to the Virgin Media’s advertised speed.


It is worth noting that Virgin Media runs a traffic management policy to make sure reliable speed across the network. However, this doesn’t apply to normal business hours from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays.


2. Equipment and Installation

Virgin Internet services come with the award-winning, Super Hub, a combined router, and modem. With the extra wireless antenna and dual frequency, this will offer reliable and fast Wi-Fi connection in your office/premises.


Once you’ve placed your order, Virgin Media Business will send out an experienced engineer to install your phone and broadband. If you’re switching from one provider to another, you may have to ask your existing provider for specific details, like an authorisation code.


Virgin Media always clarifies this when you place your order. Once connected, you’ll have access to 24/7 support at no additional charge.

3. Technical support

Virgin Media does not disappoint especially understanding the need for reliable technical support. The provider provides support from a client team which is available 24/7 on a free 0800 number. This team will try to fix an installation hitches within 24 hours. With this prompt service, you should not be without an internet connection for long.


When it comes to security your company ensuring it is protected from any viruses and internet threats, Virgin Media provides a Managed Firewall product which can be purchased for an extra fee.


This will alert you of any viruses or threats on your network, offer you total control over web activities and keep you very safe from any fraudsters. The greatest part is that Virgin Media will also manage the security so you would not have to do it yourself.


4. Extras

Virgin Media is very generous with extras. The broadband package often comes with a phone line which includes free international and UK calls for the first sixty minutes and free mobile calls for the first ten minutes.


In many cases if you’re switching you’ll be able to keep your previous numbers. You can get up to 5 extra landline numbers for free if you choose to order them once as your phone and broadband bundle. Nonetheless, if you decide you need more lines later, there’s an extra fee to pay.


You will receive one free static IP address upon request so that you can operate your own business servers. You can acquire more static IP addresses at an extra monthly cost.


Virgin Media provides a competitive business broadband contract. With no traffic management during your business hours and unlimited usage, the package is good for small business.


If you’re very lucky to be in a city which is part of the SuperConnected Cities programme, then you can also maximize the vouchers which free installation and low monthly charges.

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