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Businesses often lose money when they don’t communicate effectively with their clients. Telephone systems help in establishing and even maintaining contact with partners and consumers.


One of the most essential factors involving a business phone system is choosing a reliable provider such as BT. Available resources and pricing can vary amongst different vendors, so businesses should assess their needs.


Generally, each business should have a dependable phone system which assists them to present themselves in a professional manner while maximizing their own ability to work efficiently and stay connected to suppliers, employees, and customers.


Choosing a business phone service is a crucial decision for your company. This system not only affects the way you interact with your present and potential clients, but it also plays a significant role regarding how you will manage your employees. Therefore, it is important to consider certain factors when choosing one. In this article, we will discuss eight essential tips for choosing business phone system:

1. Consider The Features Available

Calling features play a significant role in the way you interact with your business phone service. Things like call recording and call routing can significantly affect the levels of your customer service and how efficiently your staff work.


They are also becoming more and more important in a modern workplace. Since these features are significant for the continued success of your business, ensure the provider you choose provides everything you require. Thankfully, BT phone systems provide all these features plus several others.


2. Evaluate Your Needs

The first step in selecting the best phone system for your business involves evaluating your needs. There are several features offered by BT phone systems and other reputable business phone service providers that may include all or some of the following: speed dialling, 3-way calling, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, priority ringing and voice mail.


With current technology, your business phone system can be as feature-rich as you want. Therefore, carefully consider what your phone users require and then select a system which meets these needs for smoother, daily operations, and better productivity.


3. Preparing For The Future

It is a brilliant good idea to think of future operations when shopping for a business phone system. It’s expensive and inconvenient to upgrade to a larger system, especially after only a short period.


Several businesses make predictions about their business growth in future. Mergers, increasing staff, and acquisitions should be considered before making a significant purchase.


4. Customer Service

If you experience any problem with your business phone system, you want to ensure that you’ve reliable customer service to assist you in solving it. With a hosted option, your system is entirely managed by your service provider, hence the customer service is standard.


But for an on-site system, you’ll be fully responsible for the basic management, such as maintenance and upgrades. If you experience any problems, you may discover that you have to hire extra support to manage your business phone system. A dependable phone service provider such as BT phone systems always offer 24/7 customer service.

5. The Cost Of Service

BT and some other business phone service providers offer their services in a variety of ways. Some provide business phone services for a constant monthly fee, while others charge for specific add-on features. Additionally, others may charge you independently for your monthly minutes.


There are several factors which go into the ultimate cost you will pay for this kind of service. Due to the variety of plans available, it is essential to understand not only your budget but also the details of the plans of the service provider you select.


6. Consider Your Business Structure & Size

A big company with numerous office locations has very distinct phone system requirements than a small business with only one location. If you are a large business with several branch offices of different sizes and are interested in a premises-based phone system like the one offered by BT, you may have to invest in costly pieces of hardware for each one of your remote locations.


7. Check Compatibility with Other Office Equipment

It’s very important that a business phone system you select is compatible with your current office technology. Ensure the system you select is compatible with your headsets, conferencing tools, and other office technologies and the tools you use every day.


If you were to select a non-compatible system, you’ll end up spending much more cash than you had initially planned as you would have to replace all items will not integrate into your new system.


8. Checking References

Businesses should check any available references of the potential phone system providers and look for a provider that has experience in their industry.


Inquiring about how the provider in question treated former clients doesn’t hurt, either. For the case of BT whom we work with, it has numerous referees that you can consult.


Your business phone service provider should offer you the training you will require to maximize your system as well as regular maintenance and great customer support.


Each business has their specifications and needs when it comes to choosing a business phone service provider. It is a great decision so ensure you have a full scope of your needs before you pick one.

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