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O2 is one of the best provider of mobile communication network services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom. It is owned by a Spanish international Telefónica and is headquartered in the Slough. O2 is a leading company for client satisfaction in post-pay, pre-pay, and retail in the yearly survey conducted by JD Power.


It is the first time a retailer is leading in all three categories and demonstrates the great success of O2 Customer Plan. The annual turnover of O2 is over £3.5 Billion.


O2 was established in 1985 as Cellnet, a joint venture between Securicor and BT Group. In 1999, the BT Group managed to acquire 40% share of Securicor, and the company was eventually rebranded as the BT Cellnet.


In June 2000, BT Cellnet did launch first commercial General Packet Radio Service. BT Cellnet in the entire world, together with the mobile telecommunications businesses of BT Group in Ireland, Germany, and Netherlands, were part of BT Wireless division.


In 2002, this was spun off from BT Group to establish a new holding firm, mmO2 that introduced the current 'O2’ brand for their businesses. The mmO2 was then renamed O2.


In 2006, O2 was bought by a Spanish telecommunications company, Telefónica for £18 billion. Under the acquisition terms, Telefónica chose to retain the 'O2’ brand and the UK headquarters of the company. O2 became the Telefónica Europe.

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The O2 network consists of nearly 14,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots and 350 Experts who advise various businesses on their mobile phone problems and needs.


It’s also a top pioneer in presenting business-friendly handsets from iPhone and BlackBerry and the largest 4G/LTE trial network owner in the UK. After spending several years to establish its presence in the United Kingdom market, O2 won the heart of business sector through its excellent business mobile plans.


On top of ensuring a stable signal, O2 business mobile comes with a wide range of features based on the plan you select. Whether you’ve less than ten employees or over 2,000 employees, O2 has the best solution for you. You can choose from a range of the newest mobiles and tablets as part of the O2 business mobile plans or even go for SIM only plans.


Through an incredible Sharer plan, you can share texts and minutes on the same bill with as many as 4 individuals. The prices for this unique plan start at £35.80 monthly, but the cost is worth it bearing in mind that you acquire a free handset, one or even more free SIM cards (depending on your plan), and a minimum of 500 texts, calls, and data to share.


The Business Shop at O2 provides phone tariffs beginning from £26.67 monthly. For that price, you’ll get a 24-month contract which comes with 1GB data, 4G technology and unlimited UK landline calls, mobile calls, and texts.


Nonetheless, if you choose to go for SIM-only plans, these twelve-month contracts start at £21.67 for 1 GB data and unlimited texts and calls. You can also save more by forgoing 4G technology since a standard SIM with similar features costs £17.20 every month.


When it comes to the business mobile packages, the All-In-one package stands out the most. It combines the O2 Broadband, O2 Landline service, and the On & On mobile tariffs. Individually, their value can cost you more than £100, but you can get them for only £37.84 monthly for SIM only or £51.58 with a smartphone such as iPhone 5.

There are several reasons why O2 is a perfect choice of several business owners and their employees.


  1. Reliable services – O2 provides reliable service since its towers are widespread across the United Kingdom. Additionally, there’ll be 14,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation by the end of 2013.
  2. High-quality mobile data plans – In an age where data is paramount, O2 offers high-quality data for both 4G and 3G users. Ofcom rated it as the Top Mobile Data Network Provider in 2011.
  3. Access to My O2 Business – It is a free online service which enables you to manage your O2 Business account. Through it, you can find out the amount you’ve spent and even identify who’s used the most data hence making it easier to regulate your spending.
  4. High savings – Business owners who switched to the O2 have been well-known to save 34 percent on their bills that is a high amount of cash, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.


The Bottom Line

O2 has the high power to be the best telecommunications solution you will ever need, be it through internet or mobile. Therefore, if you are looking for a relatively simple, reliable all-rounder service, O2 is the ideal company for you.

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