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Voip phone systems for your business

In today’s increasingly technology-dependent world, excellent communication lies at the heart of your competitive advantage. Customers and staff alike expect a communications solution that is simple, reliable, and efficient.


If you are a small business, your options are usually limited as compared to larger businesses. Getting the best tools and the technologies aren’t always feasible for small businesses, and it is sometimes difficult to remain afloat when you’ve limited resources and a small budget.


Gamma Horizon - A complete hosted (Voip) telephony phone system.

We are able to offer Horizon for as little as 50p per day Read more…

Fraud protection for your phone system


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We are based in Sutton, Surrey

Established in 1988, TalkTech continues to provide cutting-edge, tailor-made communication solutions to clients which ensure your organisation enjoys great business benefits. Making the right decision when exploring the best VOIP phone system choices will have a significant impact on your business. In addition, it provides numerous other features – similar to that of a landline, but at a fraction of the cost.


At TalkTech Business we always make our VoIP telephone systems very affordable since we understand the financial challenges which your small business encounters occasionally.


There are many benefits of our VoIP telephone systems; it’s our goal to open the lines of effective communication between you, your employees and your customers. Apart from the obvious benefit of being cost-effective, our systems are easy to use and reliable.


Since VoIPs introduction in the market, more and more small businesses have switched from using traditional phone lines to this technique of communication.

Delivering intelligent business phone systems

On-site or Hosted; all of our phone system packages are designed and installed around your needs. Our team of UK based experts will discuss and implement a package that not only meets your existing requirements but excels in adapting to the ever changing world of technology to keep your business one step ahead.


We work with all of our clients to build long term relationships allowing us to predict and understand your business telephone communication needs before you do. Our clients include; Offices, Doctors surgeries, Hospitals, Schools and Government.


What our business phone systems can do

Combine multiple offices, home phones and mobile phones into one easy to use solution. Import Outlook contacts into your phone system and dial direct from Outlook.


TalkTech has been supplying and installing phone systems since 1988 whilst also supplying and supporting Cloud based Hosted solutions since 2007. Our Hosted phone systems enable you and your colleagues to work all over the world as if you were all based in one office.

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Doctor surgery phone systems

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What is VoIP Phone Service?

Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a process in which analogue audio signals are converted into digital data which is sent out through the Internet. At TalkTech our business VoIP phone system uses your connection to Internet and enables you to make calls from the office phone, just as you always do.


The difference is that you do not need to pay high fees for long distance calling. In addition, TalkTech VoIP software is progressively improved and updated to make sure you get the best connection and service possible.

Why You Will Like It?

We are very proud of our business VoIP phone systems. why? Because TalkTech's innovative technology has sufficient capacity to transform all small business telephone systems worldwide as we know them. It is that groundbreaking.


TalkTech Business constantly improves service delivery and using advancement in technology to unify your communications further. TalkTech’s new Desktop feature enables you to find instantly the information of a particular caller picked from the Internet when your telephone rings.

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Full Technical Support

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How Does VoIP Benefit Businesses?

The traditional phone system did serve its purpose some years ago, but with VoIP introduction, it is possible that landlines will finally be removed. Some of the benefits of a Business VoIP phone service include:


  1. A business VoIP phone can be easily plugged in, and a phone call can be made anywhere as long as there is the internet connection, enabling you to work any place.
  2. A business IP telephone is much more affordable than standard telephone systems.
  3. A VoIP phone enables you to check any voicemail messages over Internet or even attach them in your email.
  4. Unlike many standard phone services, our business VoIP systems contain features which are included in the low monthly rate.
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Fraud protection for your phone system

Protecting your phone system from hackers

Why Choose Our VoIP Telephone Systems

Dependable and Consistent

Our VoIP telephone systems from TalkTech are among the most dependable in the industry. Our award winning service offers exceptional call quality and clarity.


Mobility Advantage

TalkTech understands the significance of business travel. Apart from being very feasible for your budget, our VoIP phone systems for small to medium sized businesses are flexible for your work needs.


Clients love the plug-and-play feature of the VoIP technology. Just plug your VoIP business phone system into an internet connection and your phone is up and running… no matter where you’re in the world, as long as there’s a broadband connection. Your phone can access your phone system via the cloud, and provides all your phone system features perfectly as if you were in your office.


Easy to Use

A VoIP telephone system is very similar to the traditional phone system, and the features aren’t difficult to use whatsoever. However, unlike the traditional system, you can add on numerous lines as you need them just by acquiring more phones, there is no system upgrades or hardware changes necessary.


Low Cost

Regardless of the size of the business, each company looks for ways to save money. However, small businesses particularly benefit from saving money. At an affordable, monthly flat rate, you and your staff can enjoy unlimited nationwide calling.


Business Features

Like a landline, TalkTech’s VoIP telephone systems have several features which your business can benefit from. These essential features are part of the package – you do not incur extra cost for them – and they include Call Waiting, Caller ID, Three-way Calling, Conference Calling, Virtual Receptionist, Voicemail to Email, and much more. Additionally, VoIP telephone systems allow your staff to work from anyplace, offering, even more, opportunities to save on commuting and overhead.


Fraud protection

Phone Hacking is an unfortunate reality all business, especially schools have to be aware of. It can leave victims with unwanted high call costs. It’s vital to always remain one step ahead of the systems that hackers use.


Talk Tech have the ideal solution with their real-time monitoring system that will alert you to any suspicious activity. We are so confident that you will love the simplicity of our system that we are offering it for you to try out absolutely free for 3 months.


To take advantage of this exclusive offer and protect your phone system from hackers all our customer services team on 0800 298 4400 now to arrange your free trial.

"I would like to thank your engineer for his hard work and efficiency in installing the Phone system here at Luton Road Services Look Ahead Housing & Care."

Contract Manager – Look Ahead Housing.

Relocating, Expanding or Upgrading?

Our consultants are always ready to work with you to understand what you require, offering a comprehensive customisable solution at each stage of the project, from the initial requirements capture, through solution design and implementation and providing full training and on-going support.


Working with TalkTech gives you total peace of mind, freedom, and high flexibility to concentrate on your business.


TalkTech assists small business low costs on communications and be more lucrative as a result. You will have a business-grade VoIP telephone system for a fraction of a traditional system cost, and without a discernible difference in the quality. So, why not obtain a free quote today to find out how much you can save if you switch to a VoIP telephone system with TalkTech?

VoIP Phone Service: Is It A Smart Choice For Businesses?

If you were born before the advent of mobile phones, then it is possible you remember the volatility of a traditional phone bill and the high cost of long-distance calling. Nowadays, landlines are increasingly losing market share, and mobile phones have definitely made long distance calling more affordable.


Unluckily, making business calls over a cell phone while you are at your office may limit calling functionality. Thankfully, VoIP Phone Service is changing the way we always view business communication.


Do you wish to know more about how TalkTech Business can bring VoIP power to transform your business? Fill out the enquiry form, or just call our friendly and knowledgeable customer team at 0800 298 4400 today.

Reputation for Quality business telephone systems and expert support all year round

We can deliver any communication solution you need; we have a hugely respected track record for efficiently and reliably offering:

Comprehensive expertise in: System Design, Installation and maintenance, Project Management and Experienced Field Engineers

Post-Implementation Support, including: Full Technical Support, End-user Training, Remote Diagnostics and Emergency Callout.

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